Event Program

Event program for the 2021 Audio Description Awards Gala which took place on November 18, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

About the Event

The inaugural AD Awards Gala celebrates and expands audio description in media. This is a core tenet of the Audio Description Project (ADP), a program of ACB. Proceeds from this event support the ADP, which works each day to further audio description across a wide range of visual media. We are deeply grateful for the enormous level of support that made this inaugural event a success. For information on this year’s gala and upcoming events, visit www.AdAwardsGala.org.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

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Comcast/NBC Universal

Time Warner Media

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Program Credits

A Doug Roland Films Production

Edited by Cameron Taddeo

Hosted by Thomas Reid of Reid My Mind Radio Podcast

Special Guests in Order of Appearance

Dan Spoone, President, ACB

Will Butler, Gala Chair and VP for Community, Be My Eyes

Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Co-Founder of ADP and President of Audio Description Associates LLC

Kim Charlson, Past President of ACB and ADP Co-Chair

Barry Cronin, Retired, WGBH

Carl Richardson, ADP Co-Chair

Roy Samuelson, Voice Actor

Simran Sethi, EVP for Development and Content Strategy, ABC Entertainment

Satauna Howery, Voice Actor

Charlie Cox, Actor

Heather Dowdy, Senior Program Manager for AI and Accessibility, Netflix

Conchita Hernandez Legorreta, Educator and Advocate

Orissa Castellano Rodriguez, Executive Director, Canal 22

Tony Stephens, Director of Development, ACB

Eric Bridges, Executive Director, ACB

Petr Kucheryavyy, Senior Manager for Accessibility, Spectrum

Amhed Fareed, Commentator, NBC Sports

Lex Gillette, Paralympian

Molly Solomon, EP & President, NBC Olympics Production

Jason Momoa, Actor

Nesta Cooper, Actor

Christian Camargo, Actor

Sarah Herrlinger, Senior Director of Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives, Apple

Kurt Warner, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

Brenda Warner, Spouse

Zachary Levi, Actor

Sumaira Latif, Accessibility Leader, Procter & Gamble

Marc Pritchard, CMO, Procter & Gamble

Blake Stadnik, Actor

Technical Production

AD Narration by Nefertiti Matos Olivares 

Audio description provided by Audio Description Associates, LLC

Sound editing by Chris Snyder

Captioning provided by Vitac

Special thanks to the following organizations who assisted in technical production and securing clips for the event:

130 Agency, ABC Entertainment, the Academy Awards, Apple, Audio Description Associates, Canal 22, Dicapta Foundation, Netflix, NBC-Universal, Peacock, Procter & Gamble, Spectrum and WGBH.

And to the following individuals:

Zachary Levi, Jason Momoa, Blake Stadnik, Kurt and Brenda Warner.

AD Awards Planning Committee

Will Butler, Gala Chair, Be My Eyes

Kim Charlson, ADP Co-Chair

Carl Richardson, ADP Co-Chair

Matt Atter, Vispero

Angela Ball, Comcast

John Cavanaugh, Bridge Multimedia

Maria Victoria Diaz, Ph.D., Dicapta Foundation

Paul Schroeder, American Printing House

Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Audio Description Associates, LLC and ADP Founder/Sr. Consultant

Joe Strechay, Producer

Audio Description Awards Committee

Joel Snyder, Ph.D., Chair, Audio Description Associates, LLC and ADP Founder/Sr. Consultant

Will Butler, Gala Chair, Be My Eyes

Carl Richardson, ADP Co-Chair

Maria Victoria Diaz, Ph.D., Dicapta Foundation

Satauna Howery, Voice Actor

Diane Johnson, Descriptive Video Works Steering Committee

Roy Samuelson, Voice Actor

Wendy Sapp, Bridge Multimedia

Margo Tone, Keywords

Additional thanks to the following for sharing of time, talents and resources:

Audio Description Associates, LLC, Bridge Multimedia, Dicapta Foundation, Vitac, Vispero, and Woman of Her Word.

ACB Support Staff

Jo Lynn Bailey-Page

Fred Brack

Nancy Marks-Becker

Eric Bridges

Nancy Feela

Jennifer Flatt

Kelly Gasque

Cindy Hollis

Erika Keller

Sharon Lovering

Rick Morin

Clark Rachfal

Tony Stephens

For more information on the Audio Description Project, go to: www.adp.acb.org.